Maintenance Checklist: Summer in Miami!

We are very fortunate to live in a happy, warm, and sunny place most of the 365 days of the year! For us this means we get to do what we love all year long and keep our client's vessels in top shape and ready to be safely on the water at any moment of the day. For clients, it means they only need to enjoy it. At Turn A Key Marine we specialize in complete vessel care and our main duty is to provide you with key operating systems checks to ensure a safe environment on the water, for you and your family.

Here are some of the things we take care of for you and you should know:

  • 1) Fire Extinguishers
    1. • Do you have all required quantities and types of fire extinguishers?
    2. • Have they been checked within the past year?
    3. • Are serviceable units tagged by a licensed facility?
    4. • Are units accessible?
    5. • Is at least one accessible from the helm or cockpit?
    6. • Are you and your crew familiar with their operation?

  • 2) Safety Equipment
    1. • Lifelines or rails in good condition.
    2. • Stanchions or pulpit securely mounted.
    3. • Hardware tight and sealed at deck.
    4. • Grab rails secure and free of corrosion or snags that may catch your hands.
    5. • Non-skid surfaces free from accumulated dirt or excess wear.
    6. • For any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, ensure you have at least one properly installed and working carbon monoxide detector.
    7. • Consider an EPIRB for situations of distress to ensure you can be found.

  • 3) Ground Tackle
    1. • At least two anchors on board.
    2. • Anchor and rode adequate for your boat and bottom conditions.
    3. • Tackle properly secured.
    4. • Length of chain at anchor.
    5. • Thimble on rode and safety wired shackles.
    6. • Chafing gear at chocks for extended stays or storm conditions.
    7. • Anchor stowed for quick accessibility.

  • 4) Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
    1. • In addition to your pre-departure inspection of PFDs check for wear or abrasion, weak or torn seams, secure straps and buckles. Some types of PFDs are equipped with inflation devices; check to be sure cartridges are secure and charged.

If you are like our existing clients who want to safely enjoy their vessel without all of the hassle, call us today at 786.763.8425 and we will ensure your vessel is ready when you are!
These are only a few of the items that are crucially important to your safety onboard.