This the Season ... for Yachting!

This the Season ... for Yachting!

People all over the world are getting ready for the go so jolly time of the holiday season. Going shopping, spreading gifts and cheer, volunteering, going away on vacation, and many activities that fill our lives with joy of the Holiday season.

Here in Miami, TURN A KEY MARINE is getting ready for the Holidays by welcoming back all our yacht owners who set sail for the summer. We will offer yacht care, guidance, and support to first time yacht owners and operators, and provide other incentives to current customers. Collaborating with yacht brokers who are offering amazing deals and options for any Yacht Christmas gift, can may allow you to put one under your tree this year. We may not have snow, or reindeers, or sleighs in Miami, but we definitely have beautiful sunny days, clear blue oceans, all during a busy yachting season each Holiday.

Here at TURN A KEY MARINE, we offer years of experience in correctly maintaining a yacht, hiring licensed and insured staff to troubleshoot repairs and issues of any kind. We offer Captains and crew to take you and your family out on an adventure in the beautiful sunny Florida waters, while offering interior and exterior detailing services keeping your yacht pristine.

TURN A KEY MARINE operates a sister company, M&M A FULL SERVICE BOATYARD. If your Yacht needs a repair, bring your yacht for haul-out up to 80’. Other services include; refits, paint jobs, bottom jobs, and yard work of any kind.

Between both companies, we ensure to accommodate any projects, preferences, and or budgets which will provide you a one-stop-shop for all of your yachting needs this Holiday season and all thru-ought the year.

Dear Santa,
Please bring all the yachts in Miami, to TURN A KEY MARINE.